Friday, October 31, 2014

What I want to be able to do as an Educational Technology Integrator

I've been reading a lot of what other tech integration specialists are doing in their schools and it all looks so fantastic.  There are so many ways to use technology in the classroom to support teaching and learning that it can be difficult to know where to start.  I thought it would be important to write out what I want to be and do in the school community, then start taking the steps to make these ideals a reality.

I want to be Inspiring and Inspired : The whole draw for me with technology is that it is inspiring.  Students and teachers are able to see significant growth through ever changing means.  I want to, through my own practice, demonstrate to teachers that they have the capabilities to fully engage their students and enrich learning.

I want to be a Resource and a Resourcer (maybe a resorcerer) : Once the system is set up, I'd like to be a bookable resource that teachers can schedule for 1-to-1 training or curriculum consultation, for individual class lessons on Internet Safety, Digital Citizenship... where I am leading the class, co-teaching, or supporting the class teacher.  I also see myself spending a good amount of time researching apps, hardware, teaching techniques... that will help teachers enhance their lessons.

I want to be a Connector : I do not hold all of the knowledge about every app or piece of equipment that will be used in our school, but there are experts all around us.  I think it is a critical aspect that I am finding the abilities, previous experience, and passions of the staff in order to reach towards our goal of creating a community of learners.  I'm really looking forward to finding out teachers strengths and helping them connect with teachers who may not have these strengths but are looking for ways to be develop their own teaching practice.

I want to Continually be Learning : I want learn how to code, I want understand the games that the students are playing, I want to take Google Educator courses online, I want to explore different apps ... because if we demonstrate a passion for learning our students soak these attitudes in and there is just too much out there for us not to strive to know as much as we can.

I hope to be these things and I'm sure more will arise through this experience.

The Resorcerer,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

First day (OK second) as Educational Technology Integrator

Oct 28, 2014

Today is my second day on the job as … um … Educational Tech… Technology Planner… Ideas Man… not quite sure, I don't have an official title yet.  From what I’ve gleamed, it is my job to think about everything that the school has done, is doing, and will do with technology.  It’s a lot to think about.  I’ve been sort of jumping around from task to task, window to window, trying to get my head around where to really start.  Do I look at what options are available 1-1 or not 1-1, tablets for Primary or Smartboards or both?  Do I find out what capabilities and interests teachers have?  Do I start comparing different laptops or sourcing and pricing iPads in Brasil?  The answer is “Yes” all of these, but first we as a school need to have a vision and a focus that we as teachers can be inspired by and the administration are inspired to support. 

It has been a bit of a smash between going down memory lane, with names like Alan November coming into conversations and a climbing up the ladder from technological depravity.  It has been seven years since I was first inspired to be a 21st century educator, but I had stopped following the trends, to an extent, and focused on home life and other pursuits.  It is a fantastic feeling coming back to thinking and writing  and discussing pedagogy again without having to worry about what the next three classes, that are back to back, are going to come with let alone what I need to give them.  

Tomorrow I am going to start my day with some educational inspiration.