Monday, November 24, 2014

Blogging for Learning

Some of our teachers at St. Francis have begun to use Blogs to enrich learning.  Their students are creating blogs as if they were a character from the book, The Outsiders, that they have been reading. The first thing I noticed as I was helping out with the set up of the blogs, was how engaged the students were with the technology and even more so with the content of the book.  They(most of them) were immediately taken into the mindset of the character that they were writing as, whether that be by beginning to write posts, looking for pictures to accompany their posts, or choosing layout and themes for their site that best create the mood of their character.

I hope that the students continue to demonstrate the benefits of blogging to their learning throughout this unit.

This is from a blog that I subscribe to called Langwitches, written by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano.  The diagram she has created does a nice job of showing what keys to learning are happening and when within the cycle of blog writing.


  1. Hi can you help me set one up for my history students?

    1. Absolutely Siobhan! You can book a time for me to come and talk with you about what you are wanting for your students by clicking the green "book now" button above or by going to this site


    2. Now you don't even have to go anywhere to book me! On the right hand side you will see available times to book me.