Thursday, September 3, 2015

Get Out of Their Way and Let Them Be Awesome

I had the opportunity to see Scott McLeod and the Innovate Conference at the Graded School last May. In his presentation there he talks about the Trudacot system that he and some colleagues have come up with that helps teachers analyze lesson plans, basically, to see if they are using technology for technology's sake or if the use of technology is enriching the learning and deepening thought. After the conference I was checking out what else Scott has done/is doing and came across his TEDx talk.
To me, he hits the nail on the head.  "We do everything we can to get tech into the hands of our kids and then we do everything we can to prevent them from using it."  The filters we put on are the equivalent of all of the over protective playground rules we now have.  No climbing the trees, they might fall.  No wood chips under equipment they might throw them.  Everything must be sterilized. This deprives them of be self motivated risk-takers.
The fear is what we need to block.  When we blanketly block students from access, flashing "ACCESS DENIED" signs, we are telling them that they cannot be trusted.

We need to EMPOWER them to find out how they can use the internet to express themselves and their ideas.

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